Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Integrative Nutrition Scam Claims Are Based on Misconceptions

Accusations about an Integrative Nutrition scam usually assume that health coaches try to assume, fill, or replace the role of registered dietitians, doctors, or nurses. This is not the case, so when considering Integrative Nutrition scam claims, it’s essential to first absolutely clarify the differences between medical professions in the current healthcare model and define which responsibilities are appropriate for whom.

Doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, and nutritionists are the backbone of today’s healthcare system. They undergo many rigorous years of study and training to become medical experts in their field, and have the knowledge to diagnose, prescribe, and treat illnesses. As emphasized by some Integrative Nutrition scam claims, these professionals are indeed the only ones qualified to give medical advice. Yet this current medical paradigm clearly is not enough. Despite the fact that over $2.5 trillion is spent every year on healthcare, America is plagued by preventable illnesses that are caused purely by poor lifestyle choices. The exploding rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and some forms of cancer can be remedied simply by changing people’s behaviors. Integrative Nutrition scam claims tend to ignore a crucial fact: the medical professionals who are qualified to prescribe a diet plan to treat diabetes rarely have time to follow up with that diabetic and ask him or her why following that life-saving diet plan is so difficult.

A health coach, who can be trained in just one year, can work in tandem with doctors and other healthcare providers to help patients carry out their prescribed plans. A health coach will help a patient explore and overcome the factors that are preventing them from eating healthily and exercising. They do not dole out and can help people modify their habits in realistic and sustainable ways.

Ultimately, criticisms about the health coaching profession and Integrative Nutrition scam claims are based largely on misunderstandings and misconceptions about the role of the health coach. This is unfortunate, because there are millions of sick people who are in desperate need of an ally who can help them change poor habits and reclaim their health.

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